Soldiers by the fire Those scoundrels by the fire are having a "chat."
They claim to be archaeologists. Their money is good when they pay for their lodgings and the furniture they break...

Here is the Tea Table:
Pumpkin Pot
Perhaps Some Tea?
Opal Springs Label
Or Water?
Naked Organic Orange Juice
Or Naked Organic Orange Juice?

Here are the open taps:
link to Beermad
Just one of many
Summer Lightning Guinness Makes You (and Steve!) Strong
Steve Platt's Pint

Here are a few bottled selections:
St Peters Grapefruit
St Peters Logo
Sierra Nevada

Strong Spirits
To honour Rusty's graduation.
Bruichladdich Islay Single Malt
Here is the finest of Islay.

Hmmm... Didn't see anything you like?
Well, here's the way sign of the whip
Back Outdoors.

It's out there.
Are you?
Uhm... Dr. who?
Back To Earth
to the
Trowel Room

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